Type-X™ EVO LED Driving Lights Installation Guide


  • All three M10 bolts must be used to mount the base of the U-Bracket to your vehicle. It is highly recommended that all the supplied hardware is used for correct fitment of light.
  • Before fitting stainless steel hardware, we recommend applying a small amount of anti-seize to the threads of any mounting bolts.


Installation is best described within the following diagrams.

Begin by setting the light in the desired mounting position on the vehicle and roughly aiming the light within the bracket. Due to the shape of the lens, it is best to use the outer bezel as a vertical reference as to where the light will project. Keep in mind that you will need to venture out at night along a straight flat road to properly align the light.

Ensure you consider the mounting position of your light as the base bracket holes will not suit all bull bar variants. 

Depending on the install position and the available room to work with, some users may want to tighten down the position whilst access to the bolts is still accessible, however before you lock in the position, drop in the required amount of M10 bolts through the base of the bracket as certain aiming positions will obscure access to these holes.

Offer the light with the rubber dampener underneath the lights bracket into the position dropping the nuts through into your mounting platform. Achieving this next step is a little tricky but you will want to slip the washer, spring washer, and finally, the nut onto these bolts and secure tightly.


When mounting to the desired application, the order of the hardware is as follows, Bolt > Bracket > Rubber Dampener > Mounting Platform > Washer > Nut

When adjusting the angle of the lights, make sure to have the bolts loose enough so that with a slight force they can be tilted & holds position but not enough so that the light swings freely. Once the ideal position is achieved, tighten all bolts firmly. If you are using the Anti-Theft Kit please refer to Anti-Theft diagram below for installation.


Type X™ EVO Anti-Theft Kit Install

For customers that opted for the additional anti-theft kit, this is best swapped onto the light before continuing through the installation process.

The Anti-Theft kit consists of the following:

  • 1 x M10 Nut Security Key
  • 1 x M8 Bolt Security Key 
  • 4 x 8mm Bolts (Long) -  Used to secure the brackets to the sides of the Type X Evo (fitted to the adjustment bolt position) 
  • 2 x 10mm Nuts - Used to secure the bracket to the vehicle in conjunction with the included shank bolt.


Type X™ EVO Cover Install

STEDI has designed the covers to be firm fitting. The following dictates the correct way to install the covers. Incorrect fitment may cause damage to the covers. Start by aligning the tabs on the bottom of the cover with the respective locators in the light housing. Once these are in place, press firmly down on the top of the cover until it snaps into place. Removal of the cover is as easy as placing your thumb on the top tab, pushing down on the tab and pulling out towards you.

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