Micro V2 Roof Rack Bracket Installation

Our roof rack brackets have been specifically designed to mount our Micro V2 White and Amber lights. For this installation we will be running through mounting on an ARB Base Rack, Rhino Rack Platform and awning. The brackets have been designed to be cross-compatible across a range of common roof rack brands and mounting styles.


ARB Base Rack

*When mounting to an ARB Base Rack note that you'll be supplied with two brackets. The second bracket is used as a spacer to help level out your base rack.

Because the bracket is designed to fit between the rack tray and the rack side blade mounting plates, the spacer is designed to level the tray and ensure the light bracket remains straight.

If you are fitting two (2) micro brackets on the same side of your ARB Base rack, you won't need the additional brackets.



Micro V2 Roof Rack Bracket Installation

1. Unscrew the bolts securing your roof rack platform to the the side "blades". The bracket will slide in between the rock rack "tray" and the side "blades" using the exisiting mounting bolts along the two (2) outside rail holes on the bracket.

2. Lift the roof rack tray from the mount and slide in the Micro V2 bracket. Position as desired. Ensure there is enough clearance for the light.

3. Repeat the process for the additional spacing bracket.

4. Mount your light to the bracket, position to your desired angle. Tighten all mounting nuts.


Rhino Rack Platform & Roof Rack Channels

Rhino Rack Platform & Roof Rack Channels

Inside the box you will be supplied with 4 channel nuts. The channel nuts are designed for mounting on roof racks with channels such as the Rhino Rack Platform as well as many other roof rack cross-bars.


1. Insert two (2) of the supplied channel nuts into your roof rack channels. This is can be easier to do with the bolt lightly screwed into the channel nut to give you something to hold onto. The channel nut should be inserted into the channel then twisted around to lock in place.

Usually there is an opening towards the centre of the channel to insert the lock nut, then slide towards the edge.

2. Position the bracket so that it sits parallel with the outer edge of your roof rack.

3. Use two (2) of the supplied bolts and washer to secure the bracket to the channel along the centre hole on the bracket.

4. Secure your Micro V2 to the bracket and position accordingly.


* Note the additional bracket is not required for installations in this case. The extra bracket is used to to space your roof rack when mounting the bracket between the roof rack "tray" and side "blades" such as an ARB roof rack.

For Awning Mount

For Awning Mount


If you prefer to mount to an awning or neither of the instructions above suit your roof rack, you can optionally mount the bracket to an awning using the existing mounting channels on the back of the awning and the supplied 8mm bolts.

1. Insert two (2) supplied 8mm bolts to your awning channels.

2. Mount bracket using supplied washers and locking nuts.

3. Mount your Micro V2 to the bracket position to your desired location and tighten all nuts.

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