Wire Hider Concealer Installation



For the 3M adhesive tape to bond with the mounting surface, the surface needs to be cleaned thoroughly.

The 3m adhesive is a pressure-based adhesive and requires firm pressure to create a strong-permanent bond to the surface. You will need to apply firm pressure to the tape-to-windshield and tape to rubber. We suggesting using either a roller or any rollable object such as a tin or bottle.

1. Measure The Wire Hider

The first thing you'll need to do is measure out the required length for your wire hider. We suggest using the actual wire hider for this. Lay down the wire concealer rubber on yours. Use a sharp box-cutter to make a small incision into the rubber at your desired length then lay the rubber on a flat surface and complete the cut.

2. Apply 3M Tape To Concealer

Peel off a small amount of the 3m tape then firmly press the tape to the bottom of the concealer. Slowly make your way up the concealer, peeling off a small amount of the adhesive tape barrier and pressing as you go.

3. Clean Mounting Surface

Using the provided alcohol wipe, thoroughly wipe the mounting surface and allow it to dry. The alcohol will evaporate and dry naturally very quickly.

4. Mount The Concealer

Slowly peel back the adhesive tape barrier on one side and position the tape in place.

5. Apply pressure

The adhesive is pressure sensitive and requires firm even pressure to make a permanent bond to both the mounting surface and the concealer rubber.

6. Conceal Your Wires

Once your concealer is bonded with the mounting surface, run your wires through the concealer channel and clip as you make your way through.

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