How do I install my Stedi Lightbar in a Ford Ranger Raptor Lower Grill?

Bracket Installation Guide

Our lower grill light bar mounting brackets were originally designed for the PX2 Ranger; however, with minimal variation to the installation process, it fits the Ranger Raptor quite easily. 

1. Remove Radiator cover to help gain access to the upper grill bolts.

2. Remove the upper FORD grill to help gain access to the lower gill section. You will need sufficient room to get a drill inside.

3. Offer the Stedi Ranger lower brackets and lightbar to the lower opening and loosely install the light bars side bolts finger tight. This is required to centralize the light somewhat and to mark the holes where they need to be drilled. It's ok if it isn’t millimeter perfect as the holes in our bracket has elongated holes. Try to get the assembly as close to the center as possible.

4. With a permanent marker, mark out the elongated holes on to the impact beam. Once labeled, remove light and brackets and set aside for later installation.

5. Starting with a small drill bit, drill a hole in the center of your mark, and then open up to 8mm.

6. Once holes are deburred and sealed, offer brackets and lightbar back in for final install and tighten side bolts down into the lightbar. Align the light and bracket assembly centered in the opening and with a spanner and ratchet with an extension bar, tighten down manufacture on to impact beam.

7. Follow necessary steps to install the wiring harness and head out at night with an allen/hex key and adjust the aim of the lightbar.

For instructions on how to install the Ford Ranger piggy back adaptor, go to the following guide:

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