How do I install my Stedi Ford Ranger & Everest Lower Grill Lightbar bracket?


The lower air dam in the Ford Ranger PXII is an excellent position to allow fitment of an additional driving light. Fitting a light in this vacant space allows Ranger owners to have the advantage of a driving light without the possible negative effects and cost of buying and installing either a nudge bar or bullbar.

The Ford Ranger PXII lower grill light bar bracket has been designed to work with the factory fitted Tech pack installed on the XLT and Wildtrak, although it is also compatible with the entire PXII platform. (XL, XLS, XLT, FX4, WILDTRAK)

The installation only requires basic hand tools and requires no cutting or modification whatsoever and is completely reversible and removable when the inevitable vehicle upgrade comes.

Fitment time for the average punter is generally in the vicinity of 20-25 minutes.

Follow the installation instructions below for an easy straight forward install.

Installation Guide


First off you will need to place the 2 brackets in their approximate position over the holes located on the top side of the impact beam. (These holes are here from the factory so no drilling or modification is required). No need to drop in the bolts just yet as they should just rest on the beam so that you can position the bar in the grill.

Remove the plastic radiator cover panel to gain access to the impact beam. Place the light into the bracket and fit the bolts into the driver’s side of the light first.

(EVEREST) Remove the 5 plastic clips and the 2 T30 bolts from the radiator cover to remove. Slide your hand between the grill and radiator support to release the clips on the front cover.

From the top of the grill, near the headlights remove 2 10mm head bolts on each side. Gently unclip grill from the headlight. Release clips on each side of the grill by reaching through the inner guard and pressing the 3 clips forward while applying pressure on the grill. Standing in front of the car, reach behind the grill to unclip the 6 clips along the bottom of the grill behind the bumper. Lastly, remove the grill.

The driver’s side bolt should be tightened to the finished installed torque. Please keep the approximate aim whilst tightening this bolt. Now proceed to the passenger side, this can just be finger tight as you may need to make final adjustments to the light at a later stage.


Now the spacing has been set by the light bar, reaching back into the engine bay drop the bolts through the slots in the bracketing meeting up with the 2 holes in the impact beam. This can be achieved from the top of the radiator where the previously removed cover was.

The two bolts will require nuts to be placed on the backside of them and a 10mm ring spanner. Tighten both bolts sufficiently for the final position. Do not be scared to place some torque on these bolts.


Once the light and bracket are in approximate aim, connect the wiring into the high beam driving light harness and head out to a nice quiet location and aim the light.

Tighten the passenger side bolt to a sufficient torque.

Installation is now complete. Welcome to your new-found pleasure to drive at night.



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