How do I install my STEDI Ford Ranger & Everest Piggy back adaptor?

Our piggy back adaptor specific for the Ford Ranger and Everest PXII/PXIII will remove any hassle from the installation of any of our driving light harness kits. Simply install as you would any other piggy back but instead of tailing off the back of the high beam globe, you will go to the main power plug that comes out the back of the headlight unit. 

Some may find access to this plug may be a tight squeeze so there are a few minor parts that can be removed but not a necessity to complete the install.

Removing the radiator trim cover and the bracket shown in the second photo above will open up a lot more room to work around the area required to install the piggy back. Again not a necessity but if you get stuck, this will help. 

Below is an overlayed diagram to help visualize the plug installation position.

1. Connection to the vehicle's main power supply for the headlight unit.
2. Plugs directly into the back of the headlight unit.
3. Connects to the T-Connector on the STEDI Harness.

This applies to both the Ford Ranger and Everest in the PX2/PX3 models.



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