How do I install my STEDI 7 inch Sealed LED Headlight?


1. DISCONNECT BATTERY. It’s always safest to disconnect running power by removing the negative (-) terminal from the battery for the safest installation.

2. REMOVE HEADLIGHT. Start by unplugging and removing your vehicle's current headlight. Some may be secured using a retaining ring, this will need to be used with your new LED headlight.

3. INSTALL NEW HEADLIGHT. Same as the install, just in the reverse order. Mount the headlight back into position and secure with the necessary hardware.

4. CONNECTIONS. The plug will fit straight into the female H4 plug. If you desire to run the DRL (Day-time running light), splice the additional wire to your parkers, ignition, or existing DRL positive.

4a. ADDITIONAL CANBUS MODULE. If your vehicle requires an additional CANBUS module, it will install between the H4 plug from the headlight and the factory connection. Repeat for both the driver and passenger side lights (above right diagram).

5. RECONNECT POWER. Once you have everything secured and wired up, reconnect the negative (-) terminal to the battery and continue to the aiming process.


Headlights must be securely mounted and properly aimed so the “cut off line” complies with all applicable regulations. We recommend that headlights are aimed using a headlight aiming system for proper alignment. Failure to properly aim your headlights is a risk to other drivers and could result in tickets or citations with local authorities. STEDI is not liable for any damage to the vehicle or light, or any tickets/citations as a result of using these guidelines.

BEFORE INSTALLATION. Prior to aiming the headlight, make sure the vehicle is on a level surface with all tyres properly inflated, and the vehicle is at its normal drive height.

NOTE: If a lift kit is added or removed from the vehicle, the headlights will need to be aimed again.

REQUIRED FOR INSTALL. Tape or chalk to mark the lines for alignment, tools relevant for your vehicles aiming mechanism.

AIMING GUIDELINES. Park your vehicle in an area that provides a flat verticle surface with at least 7.62 metres behind it (excluding the length of the car). On the wall, draw a line from the ground up to the approximate centre point of the headlight, this will be the ‘y’ axis, repeat for the other headlight.

Connect the centre points between the ‘y’ axis to make you ‘x’ axis extending a little further at each end as shown below and then proceed to extend the ‘y’ axis slightly higher as well.

Reverse your vehicle in a straight line so that the distance between your headlights and the wall is 7.62 meters. When you first turn on the low beam headlights, they may be positioned wrong and likely different from each other. The aim is to align the kink (or elbow) of the beam to align with the cross-section of the ‘y’ and ‘x’ axis as displayed below.


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