STEDI RGB Rock Lights Guide


Applies to both the White and RGB Surface Rock Lights

1. Layout your wiring harness through the engine bay connecting the negative (- / black wire) to the battery terminal, at this stage the positive (+ / red wire) cable can be left aside.

2. Run the harness to a central point where you plan to mount up the rock lights. The module has mounting points which can be fixed to your chassis or other secure location.

3. Mount up the desired amount of rock lights around the vehicle. The rubber backing can be used as a template for any holes you may need to drill. The assembly of the rock light is best shown through the below diagram. (It is not required that all 6 rock lights are connected)

4. The dime switch on the harness can be mounted internally in the cabin or elsewhere around the vehicle. Once everything is mounted and wired up, all that is left is to connect the positive (+ / red wire) to the battery terminal.


For Bluetooth control, we recommend using the ‘STEDI RGB’ app which can be downloaded using the below link which will take you to direct links to the most recent version or alternatively searching ‘STEDI RGB’ in your devices app store. Once installed, turn your devices Bluetooth 'on' prior to opening the app.

ANDROID: Upon using the app for the first time, you will receive a notification to allow the app access to location services. This is due to Bluetooth on android devices is categorized in location services.

App Store Google play


When adding a new device to the app, do not connect directly through the phones inbuilt 'available connections' menu. This must be done through the app using the top menu and linking the new lights. If there are any issues connecting, clear your phones bluetooth cache.


This feature will allow you to open a photo and set a desired colour through pressing on the area with the colour.

Features including fade in/out & colour cycle are location in the style menu. The colour (solid or rainbow) input can be set with a desired speed as well as the function of the fade (fade to black or fade into the next colour).

Through the setting in the top right, if the shake slider is active, the lights will change the mode upon every shake of your mobile device. These are randomly generated.

You will be able to import a song that is stored on your mobile device that will alter brightness and colour in sync with the audio.

Accessing the microphone will alter the brightness and colour of the lights when sound is detected.

These can be set so that at a certain time on a certain day (user selected), the lights will turn on to the set feature that was selected when setting the alarm. For example, you can set the lights for a camping trip to turn to amber at 6pm everyday of the week.


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