STEDI Type X Pro LED Driving Lights


- All three M10 bolts must be used to mount the base of the U Bracket to your vehicle. Using only one or two bolts will result in excess vibration of the lamp and ultimately result in bracket failure.

- Before fitting stainless steel hardware, we recommend applying a small amount of anti-seize to the threads of any mounting bolts.


Installation is best described within the following diagrams.

Begin with the light face down, insert the 4 nuts into the rear housing, line up the bracket, and offer the bolts to the bracket and secure. At this stage, these are fine to just be hand tight as they will need to be tightened once the light is aimed/adjusted at night time.

The three base bolts are recommended for maximum strength. If there is only one hole provision on the bullbar, we would recommend drilling a further two per side. Make sure rust prevention is used after drilling.


When mounting to the desired application, the order of the hardware is as follows, Bolt > Bracket > Mounting Platform > Washer > Spring Washer > Nut

When adjusting the angle of the lights, make sure to have the bolts loose enough so that with a slight force they can be tilted & holds position but not enough so that the light swings freely. Once the ideal position is achieved, tighten all bolts firmly.


COVERS: STEDI has designed the covers to be firm fitting. The following dictates the correct way to install the covers. Incorrect fitment may cause damage to the covers. Start by aligning the tabs on the cover with the respective locators in the light housing. Lay the top of the cover against the light and give a firm tap with a closed hand to lock in position one side after another. To remove, simply grab both tabs at the bottom of the cover and pull outwards.

COLOUR RINGS: When changing the colour ring on the light, there are 6 bolts located around the face of the light. Simply remove the 6 small allen bolts and the cover will slide straight off. The installation of the rings is simply the reverse of the above. Pay particular attention to the tightness of the small bolts. They do not need to be too tight, only enough to provide enough clamp force for the plastic rings.



New to our STEDI Type X Pro driving lights are the colour changing rings that will give you the option to match your ride. In the box we included Grey and STEDI Orange. Alternative colours are available separately.




Type X PRO comes included with the blacked-out "STEDI" branded covers. All covers from our generation 1 Type X are compatible with the new Type X PRO. You can order the optional clear, amber, wicked smile, blue, and more covers below:





If you looking for an option to minimize the prospect of your Type X PRO getting stolen, we offer a comprehensive anti-theft kit.

The anti-theft kit consists of the following fasteners; 

  • 1 x M10 Nut Security Key
  • 1 x M8 Bolt Security Key 
  • 4 x 8mm Bolts (Long) -  Used to secure the brackets to the sides of the Type X (fitted to the adjustment bolt position) 
  • 2 x 10mm Nuts - Used to secure the bracket to the vehicle in conjunction with the included shank bolt.



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