Application: Suitable for vehicles with projector headlight housing only.



1. Start by removing the H7 collar from the globe body. This will allow for the easiest installation in the headlight housing.

2. Unplug globe from the vehicles power cable, release the spring clip holding the original globe in place and remove.

3. Insert the collar from your LED globe into the socket and re-apply the spring clip to secure into place.

4. Line up the connection points on the LED globe to the collar sliding back together.

5. Twist the globe body to lock the LED globe and the collar together. 6. Reconnect globe to vehicles power cable & re-fit the dust cap/cover if applicable.


1. Unplug original globe from the vehicles power cable, remove existing globe by twisting to unlock and pull out towards the engine.

2. Insert your new LED globe and twist to secure in housing.

3. Re-fit dust cap/cover if applicable and test light to make sure the beam is projecting correctly.


If a headlight alignment is required after installation, line your vehicle in front of a wall and draw a point on the wall roughly around the centre of each headlight. With a straight edge and ruler, draw a horizontal and vertical line from the centre points on the wall (roughly 25cm out each side). This is your X and Y-axis. Reverse back 25 Feet from the wall and following the below diagrams, adjust the headlight so that the kink/elbow aligns with the centre point on the wall.

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