The primary lens used on our new Type-X range is a GE ™ made Lexan®. One of the inherent strengths of Lexan® is that it can undergo significant deformation without cracking or breaking. It boasts an impact strength which is 250 x greater than glass, and 30 x greater than acrylic.  Lexan is commonly used in the manufacture of bulletproof glass, headlamps, and many other products that demand high impact strength.


We’ve established that a secondary lens cover is not necessary from a protection viewpoint. There is, however, one other key reason we’ve omitted the secondary lens – Optical Loss.

Optical loss occurs when light travels through matter. The intensity of the light is reduced as a result of reflection and absorption. Even in material with high optical clarity, typically losses of up to 13% can be expected with a pristinely clean lens.  

Adding a second lens to the equations only serves to further compound the absorption of light. To add insult to the injury let’s now consider the adverse effect on light transmission as dirt accumulates through normal vehicle use;  expect the absorption to reach 60% +.  The real-world effect is that you’re driving lights are only achieving a small fraction of the potential beam distance and overall brightness.

If we still have not managed to convince you that you don't need a secondary cover, order yours below :)



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