If you own a Wildtrak MK1 or MK2 Ranger, our Wiltrak Roof Mounting Bracket is the ultimate upgrade for that Baja Pre-Runner look. Check out how straight forward the installation is below.

gain access to the bolts that hold the roof rails in place Loosen the interior trim to reveal 2 bolts at each end removing ford ranger headliner



First, you will need to gain access to the bolts that hold the roof rails in place. This may include loosening up and moving some of the interior trim to reveal the 2 bolts at each end. The front end will be the easier side to access and will need to be completely removed. 

remove ford ranger seat belt anchor moving the rear seat belt out of the way loosening interior trim



This will be the more difficult step to the install process as you will need to move the rear seat belt out of the way in order to give enough movement in the trim/interior to reveal the nuts. This is always a process that can be much easier with 2 people. These bolts can go either of 2 ways depending on how you want to proceed. 

complete remove bolts remove ford ranger roof rails lift the rails up evenly and remove



The bolts will need to be completely removed allowing the rails to be removed from the vehicle and replace with the bolts included with the new bracket. Lift the rails up evenly and remove.

slide the stedi bracket into position stedi roof bracket stedi roof lightbar for ford ranger



Loosen the screws on the underside of the rails enough to slide the bracket into position and loosely tighten allowing enough movement to adjust the position of the bracket when the light bar is fitted. A cloth or second set of hands will make things a little easier. Start by just slotting the rails back into position on the roof and place the light bar across the roof to line up the brackets in the correct position. getting a friend to hold the light or placing a cloth under the bar to avoid scratching your roof is ideal for this step. Lastly, once you are all set with placement, simply tighten the screws holding the bracket in place and tighten the rails back to the roof of the vehicle. Refit any interior and trim that had been removed for install, now all that is left is to properly install the light bar to the bracket.  Don't forget a drop of Loctite Thread Locker on the M6 bolts. 

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