STEDI ST3301 PRO LED Lightbar & Black Out Cover Bundle

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Size: 41-inch
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This powerful bundle features the ST3303PRO LED Lightbar & Black Out Cover, available in a range of sizes from 18.4" to 28.2", making it the perfect choice for any vehicle.

Our ST3301 Series LED Light Bar is designed to offer a high volume of light in the mid-range, with excellent visibility on the road shoulders. Compared to bars like our ST4K & ST3K our ST3301 forms a larger diameter spot that blends homogeneously with its wide beam

Our blackout covers comply with overseas regulations, fitting with most parts of the US, Europe, South Africa, and more requiring any auxiliary driving light to be covered when on public roads. 

  • ST3301 Pro LED LIGHT BAR
  • ST3301 PRO Black Out Cover
  • Stainless Bolt and Nut Set
  • Sliding Lower Mounting Brackets + Stainless Steel Side Brackets
  • Quick-Fit High Beam Wiring Harness 12v Relay, Wiring Kit and On/Off Switch
  • 2 x Orange Side Caps 
  • 2 x Grey Side Caps 
  • HB3 and H4 Piggy Back Adaptors

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