STEDI ST4K LED Lightbar & Black Out Cover Bundle

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Size: 12-inch
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This powerful bundle features the ST4K LED Lightbar & Black Out Cover, available in a range of sizes from 12" to 52", making it the perfect choice for any vehicle.

We all know the ST4K series is the jack of all trades. Excellent beam throw coupled with a useful wide beam.  This comes as no surprise given that it shares the same DNA as the legendary STEDI TYPE X.  

Our blackout covers comply with overseas regulations, fitting with most parts of the US, Europe, South Africa, and more requiring any auxiliary driving light to be covered when on public roads. 

  • 1 x ST4K STEDI Oslon LED Light Bar
  • 1 x ST4K Black Out Cover
  • 2 x Brushed Stainless Steel Side Brackets
  • 3 x Adjustable Sliding Brackets 
  • Easy-Fit High Beam Wiring Kit | HB3 & H4 piggyback included.
  • Cable Ties
  • Wiring Instructions 

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