Which LED Fog Light is compatible with my ARB Bull Bar?

Check out the guide below if you're unsure as to whether your bull bar is compatible with our Deluxe or Summit LED fog light upgrade. 


The ARB Deluxe Bull Bars are as shown below and are identifiable by the fog light and surround build up. The Deluxe Bull Bar range is fitted with a shroud that houses both the fog light and the indicator/DRL. The fog light itself is a complete round fog and mounts via the 2 tabs located at the rear of the fog light and an adjustment screw at the top.

Compatible Upgrade: ARB Deluxe LED Fog Light Upgrade

Deluxe Bull Bar




Summit Bull Bars have the alternating fog light build-up to the Deluxe being that the fog light is housed separately to the indicator/DRL. The fog light itself is not a completely perfect circle and the face of the fog light will follow the structure of the bar reaching further forward towards the center of the bar.

Compatible Upgrade: ARB Summit LED Fog Light Upgrade

Summit Bull Bar




ARB Sahara Bull Bars are where it can be a little complex when looking to upgrade the fog light as Sahara refers to the top tube only being a single hoop top tube in the center. The lower part of the bar still remains the determining factor for the fog light. With Sahara bars coming in a mixture of Deluxe and Summit fog lights you will need to refer to the picture below to identify the fog light your bar is equipped with.

Sahara Bull Bar


Please note that this LED upgrade will not suit bull bars that have the IPF upgraded fog light housing and kit. If your fog light lens has the IPF logo embossed on it, this upgrade will not suit. 


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