How do I install my STEDI Ford Fascia Switch Panel?
The installation of the STEDI auxiliary switch panel is designed to be extremely easy, and only takes a matter of minutes to install. Traditionally it has been extremely difficult to add additional switches to the  Ranger, Everest, and Raptor, as Ford did not add any provisions for them. This is where STEDI steps in with an easy DIY solution that complements the interior of these vehicles beautifully. The panel is designed to hold four of our Square type push switches and simply snap into place, holding on to the genuine Ford lower trim panel.
Stedi Ford Ranger Switch Panel

Now... let's get into the install...!

*Step 1 and 2 are not an absolute necessity, however, it does make life easier with routing the wiring from the engine bay. 

Step 1 - Lower the glove box and remove by squeezing in each side so it pops free. Once it has been lowered sufficiently, remove the two white 'slide' pins at the hinge point. Place aside for later refitment.
Step 2 - Remove the trim piece that is between the glove box, and the radio stack. This trim is rather firm, and will require a firm grip. This trim pulls away from the dash panel at a perpendicular angle. If there are any white clips remaining in the dash after removing the trim, place them back on to the removed panel.
Step 3 - Follow the main harness wiring instructions and route the switch wire to the switch panel location. If you are routing more than one harness (eg. spot lights, roof lights etc), make sure you label which harness they are.
Step 4 - Once all harnesses are neatly routed to the switch panel, follow the switch wiring instructions to successfully wire the square type switches. Neatly run some tape around all the loose wires to keep them together and route them out of sight underneath the radio stack.
Step 5 - Now you are ready to install the switch panel. The bottom part of our panel has 'hooks' on it. This is designed to capture the bottom edge of the factory trim. Once the hooks have been offered to the trim, the panel can simply be held upwards until the retainers locate with the mesh section in the original trim. Once the panel self locates, simply push upwards until it snaps into place.
Step 6 - Refit the side trim and glove box. You have now successfully installed the STEDI Ford switch panel. *Remember, if you have only installed one switch, installing another is super easy! Simply place fingernails into the bottom edge of the panel (bottom of the switches) and push downward. This will release the panel and allow you to easily add more accessories later on.
Stedi Ford Ranger Switch Panel

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