Ford Next Gen Everest & Ranger High beam Pick-Up

With the release of Ford's next-gen line-up, most trim levels have included high beam pickup points either in the footwell or in the roof control panel. The below graphics explain the 3 levels of headlight available which will determine if you will be able to use the factory pickup or require an additional high beam adaptor.


Ford Next Gen Everest & Ranger high beam pick-up


Level 1: Represents the base-level models with halogen headlights.

Level 2: The Matrix headlight which will be fitted to most trims in the Ranger + Everest line-up.

Level 3: An optioned extra not available to all trims converting the Matrix headlight to a traditional projector housing.


Both Levels 1 and 3 will require an additional adaptor to pick up a high beam signal to trigger auxiliary driving lights available soon via the link below. Level 2 headlight and Ranger Raptor models will have the factory pick-up points mentioned above.


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